CSC Series Multifunction Calibrators


The CSC Series includes a handheld loop calibrator and temperature calibrator, both designed to meet the high-accuracy demands of modern sensors and transmitters.

The CSC101 loop calibrator features an easy-to-use user interface, a bright, high-resolution display, and advanced step and ramp functions. Its unique rotary knob with built-in “push enter” function is both convenient and highly intuitive. In addition, it features fuseless protective that shields the instrument from voltage overloads up to 250 VAC, and is powered for 40 hours by six AAA batteries.

The CSC201 temperature calibrator can calibrate 16 types of RTDs and 13 types of thermocouples, providing ohms, mV, and custom RTD curves.  It also works with pulsed excitation transmitters and programmable logic controllers, and can even calibrate pressure when combined with an APM advanced pressure module.

• Measure Current to 24mA with ± 0.01 % of reading accuracy
• Measure Voltage to 30VDC with ± 0.01 % of reading accuracy
• 24VDC Loop Power Supply
• User defined step and ramp functions

• Measure thermocouples to ± 0.2°C
• Measure RTDs to ± 0.1°C
• Source thermocouple and RTDs to ± 0.015% of reading
• Clear, easy-to-use function keys
• All input and output connectors are placed away from the display and keyboard for best operation conditions

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