DTI050 Temperature Indicator


The DTI050 is an easy-to-use, fast response, low drift handheld temperature indicator with accuracy to ± 0.012°C. The response time ensures precise monitoring of temperature stability and the low drift reduces uncertainty of measurement between calibration intervals.  Works with both “smart” and standard temperature sensors.

Combine with our “smart” temperature reference sensors to become a fully traceable thermometer. Verify both dry-block and liquid bath temperature calibrators, or use in direct measurement of critical temperatures in a process environment.

• One year accuracy to ± 0.012°C
• System accuracy with STS Series temperature sensors to ± 0.04°C
• Wide Temperature Range of -200 to 2500°C (-328 to 4532°F)
• Resolution to 0.001°C
• Wide selection of sensors (straight, 90°, cabled, etc.) to fit your application
• Useful features like hold, and min / max
• Power with a single 9V battery, or external 9V supply

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