HPC600 Pressure Calibrator


The HPC600 calibrator features a built-in electrical pump capable of generating up to 20 bar at the touch of a single key! 

A true multifunction solution, designed to save time, money and space, the HPC600 is a pressure indicator, a pressure calibrator, a complete mA loop calibrator (including 24 volt supply), a voltmeter, a thermometer and a pressure/vacuum generator.  All in a ruggedized housing, with an easy, intuitive operating system, in the palm of your hand.

• Temperature Compensated from -10 to 50°C / 14 to 122°F
• Pressure Accuracy of 0.020% of reading + 0.015% of Full Scale
• Gauge and Absolute Pressure
• Ranges from Vacuum to 300 psi / 20 bar
• Built-In Automatic Pressure Pump
• Connect to APM Pressure Modules for Extended Ranges
• Combine with Pt100 for High Accuracy Thermometer

Each unit includes a full set of intelligent features like:

• User Configurable Information Display with 15 Different Pressure Units
• Transmitter Supply
• mA Input and Output
• % Error Calculations
• Voltage Measurement
• Serial Communication
• External Pressure Module Compatibility

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